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Chuột Yêu Gạo - Mice Love Big Rice lyrics

Chuột Yêu Gạo - Mice Love Big Rice - Twins

Người gởi: rubyyan
Gởi: 07/04/2005 19:30
Downloads: 21480
Nghe: 836637
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Chuot Yeu Gao - Mice Love Big Rice - Twins

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Ca sĩ: Twins
Sáng tác: English Version

when that day i hear your voice
i have some special feeling
let me always think i don't wanna forget you
i remember at the day
you are always on my mind
eventhough i just can think about you
if the day in the future
this love will becoming true
i've never change my mind that i will love you forever
i don't care how fool it is
i will let my dream come true
i will tell you something i wanna let you know, i let you know

i love you, loving you, as the mouse love the rice
Welcome to
even every day has storm, i will always by your side
i miss you, missing you
i don't care how hard it is
i just want you be happy
everything, i do it for you
Chuột Yêu Gạo - Mice Love Big Rice - Twins
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Cảm nhận: Chuột Yêu Gạo - Mice Love Big Rice - Twins
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