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Chocolate lyrics

Chocolate - Kylie Minogue

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Gởi: 16/03/2008 11:15
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Chocolate - Kylie Minogue

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Ca sĩ: Kylie Minogue

Fragile seams, I opened up too quick and all my dreams, Were walking out I'd
slowly, Lost my fire, With every single man a river cried, I had no
sensation, Completely numb, left with no satisfaction, I thought no-one
could ever get me high again, I swear, I was not looking, Oh, waited so
long, I thought the real thing was a fake, I thought it was a tool to break
me down, You proved me wrong again, If love were liquid it would drown me,
In a placeless place would find me, In a heart shape come around me and
then, Melt me slowly down, If love were human it would know me, In a lost
space come and show me, Hold me and control me and then, Melt me slowly
down, Like chocolate, Tastes so good, My heart's been mended who'd have
thought it would, An empty bet and still I won the cash, A man who I love
and who, Loves me back, Oh, waited so long, For love to heal me so I'd feel
it, Thought it wasn't breathing then you came, You proved me wrong again,
Like chocolate come here, Zoom in, catch the smile, There's no doubt it's
Welcome to
from you, And I'm addicted to it now, Just one look boy to melt me down,
Just one heart here to save me now, Your candy kisses are sweet I know, Hold
me tight baby don't let go, Just one look boy to melt me down, Just one
heart here to save me now, Your candy kisses are sweet I know, Hold me tight
baby don't let go.
Chocolate - Kylie Minogue
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Cảm nhận: Chocolate - Kylie Minogue
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