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Just Us Girl lyrics

Just Us Girl - WinX Club

Người gởi: Moon Queen
Gởi: 16/03/2008 11:46
Downloads: 2146
Nghe: 36265
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Warning Ghi chú: Nếu không nghe được bài Just Us Girl do ca sĩ WinX Club trình bày, bạn vui lòng cài đặt Window Media Player 10. Bạn được phép nghe trực tuyến bài hát Just Us Girl, download Just Us Girl về máy và xem lyrics Just Us Girl do thành viên Moon Queen chia sẻ hoàn toàn miễn phí.
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Just Us Girl - WinX Club

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Ca sĩ: WinX Club
Sáng tác: WinX Club

The best thing about each new day,
is that it's better spent,
better than the last.
Can't wait to see where we're heading,
but we don't wanna get there,
don't wanna get there to fast.
We'll face the world on our own,
Never have to worry 'bout being alone,

Cuz what we've got,
Is all we need.
Just us Girls,
Sharing everying.
Just us Girls,
Got em on the run.
Welcome to
Just us Girls,
Every day is spring,
time to spread our wings.
We're having tons of fun,
Just us Girls.
Just Us Girl - WinX Club
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