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Fast Car lyrics

Fast Car - Wyclef Jean; Paul Simon

Người gởi: crazy_girl
Gởi: 03/05/2008 18:14
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Fast Car - Wyclef Jean; Paul Simon

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Ca sĩ: Wyclef Jean; Paul Simon

[Intro: Wyclef Jean]
Yeah, this those Jersey boys

[Verse One: Wyclef]
I heard a man say Jesus Walks
Me myself I heard Jesus talk
Cause when I heard this beat I felt Jesus force
I heard it through the wire that he made it out the coma
from a fast car, it was a fast car
Every day is like the wild wild West
Some of us are Bad Boys, some of us are Outlawz
Unsolved mystery, the killer get away
L.A., Vegas at the end of the day
in a fast car, drivin a fast car

[Chorus: Wyclef, Paul Simon]
You don't gotta be no billionaire
To get a ticket up to the moon
We all know somebody up there
You need a helpin hand, look up right here
To help you see clearly now
To help you see clearly now
I hope you see clearly now
[scratched:] "AW YEAH!"

[Verse Two: Wyclef]
What would you do after your bachelor party
In the bar celebratin with all your homies
Go outside and you ready to ride
Then over 51 shots but you ain't ready to die
in your fast car, yeah, in your fast car
Paul Simon, talk to 'em

[Interlude: Paul Simon]
When that fast car picks you up
You will have no choice
You may hear the tires screamin
But you will have no voice
When that fast car picks you up
You will weep and smile and see
Heaven in the headlights
Mile after mile after mile after mile


[Verse Three: Wyclef]
Welcome to
E'rybody need some TLC
So she headed to Honduras for some TLC, yeah
Havin fun in Central America
But she was a passenger, never a driver
in that fast car yeah, ridin that fast car
Sweet sixteen I see her leavin the scene
Crossin the street she won't see 17
Blink of an eye, DWI
Hit and run that's felonies
in a fast car, ridin the fast car


[scratched:] "AW YEAH!"

Fast Car - Wyclef Jean; Paul Simon
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Cảm nhận: Fast Car - Wyclef Jean; Paul Simon
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