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All I Ever Wanted (DotA) lyrics

All I Ever Wanted (DotA) - Basshunter

Người gởi: crazy_girl
Gởi: 05/06/2008 01:17
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All I Ever Wanted (DotA) - Basshunter

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Ca sĩ: Basshunter

All I ever wanted
Was to see you smiling
All I ever wanted
Was to make you mine
I know that I love you
Oh baby why don't you see
That All I ever wanted
Was you and me

I'm so alone
Here on my own
And I'm waiting for you to come
I want to be a part of you
Think of fool things we could do
And I begin
You hold my hand
I want to have you in my bed
You are the world
You win my eyes
For I have all I want in my life

All I ever wanted
Was to see you smiling
Welcome to
All I ever wanted
Was to make you mine
I know that I love you
Oh baby why don't you see
That All I ever wanted
Was you and me
All I Ever Wanted (DotA) - Basshunter
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