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I Still Remember lyrics

Blackmore's Night

I Still Remember - Blackmore's Night

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Gởi: 29/08/2005 17:58
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I Still Remember - Blackmore's Night

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Ca sĩ: Blackmore's Night
Sáng tác: Blackmore's Night

I thought of you the other day
How worlds of change led us astray
Colors seem to fade to gray
In the wake of yesterday…
You looked into my eyes
You had me hypnotized
And I can still remember you

I had a dream of you and I
A thousand stars lit up the sky
I touched your hand and you were gone
But memories of you live on…

You looked into my eyes
You had me hypnotized
And I can still remember you
Those moments spent together
Promising forever
Welcome to
And I can still remember you

Do you ever think of me
And get lost in the memory
When you do, I hope you smile
And hold that memory a while…
I Still Remember - Blackmore's Night
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