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A Little Love lyrics

Fiona Fung

A Little Love - Fiona Fung

Người gởi: simon ly
Gởi: 29/11/2008 19:49
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A Little Love - Fiona Fung

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Ca sĩ: Fiona Fung

greatness as you
smallest as me
you show me what is deep as sea

a little love,little kiss
a litlle hug,little gift
all of little something.these are our memories

you make me cry
make me smile
make me feel that love is true
you always stand by my side
i don't want to say goodbye

#you make me cry
make me smile
make me feel the joy of love
oh kissing you
thank you for all the love you always give to me
oh i love you


yes I do ,I always do

make me cry
Welcome to
make me smile
make me feel that love is true
you always stand by my side
I don't want to say goodbye


to be with you, oh i love you
A Little Love - Fiona Fung
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Cảm nhận: A Little Love - Fiona Fung
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