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One Brief Dream lyrics

One Brief Dream - Anael

Người gởi: discovery
Gởi: 23/04/2009 12:19
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One Brief Dream - Anael

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Ca sĩ: Anael

One lifetime, one brief dream
We taste here or waste here only to disappear
One lifeline: in our grasp
In casting, unfastening time’s baffling clasp

We’ve questions, we’ve replies
Impressions, they dress us
All by the robe they style
We’ve censure, we’ve advice
Discretion, direction: our solemn guides

Here, for the mind: a ladder as steep as it’s high
With rungs that perplex us and rungs that collide
Here, for the mind: a mandate for different design
To challenge perceptions, to redefine...

Gaze onward, face your fears
With each no, the slope grows, only to domineer
Shed anger, shed your tears
Welcome to
Enraptured, we capture those things revered

Find promise in yourself, in charting each carving
That’s led to that sacred well
Greet darkness to your realm
In knowing it’s hoping just to be quelled.
One Brief Dream - Anael
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