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Run Devil Run (English Version) lyrics


Run Devil Run (English Version) - SNSD; Girls' Generation

Người gởi: sansan182
Gởi: 19/06/2011 06:59
Downloads: 3596
Nghe: 138832
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Run Devil Run (English Version) - SNSD; Girls' Generation

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Ca sĩ: SNSD; Girls' Generation

I always knew you were a bad boy
I used to think that it was cool
You took me down just like a Rob Roy
But now Im coming next to you

Run,Devil,Run Run Devil,Run Run
Run Devil Devil Run Run

I never knew about your red horns
I never saw your evil start
You used to be what I would live for
But then you went and slapped my heart

The promises that you promised
are about as real as an air guitar
So watch your back cuz imma steal your car

You better run, run, run, run, run
Cause there's gonna be some hell today
You better run, run, run, run, run
And that's the only thing I'm gonna say,hey
I wish I know the right from the start
that I was dancing with the dark
You better run
Devil,Run,Run,Devil,Run Run
Run Devil Devil Run Run

Now that your living with a vampires
You better get yourself a gun
I'll make ya sing just like a boy's chior
I'll string you up to have some fun

Run,Devil,Run Run,Devil,Run Run
Run Devil Devil Run Run


Run Devil,Run Run,Devil,Run Run
Run Devil,Devil,Run Run
Welcome to

I'm throwing the trash, clearing the junk
I'm firing the cannon, your gonna get sunk
You better sail off to the seven seas
There's not enough room for you and for me
(Once again if you would please,
"There's not enough room for you and for me")


Run Devil,Run Run,Devil Run Run
Run Devil Devil Run Run'
Run Devil Run (English Version) - SNSD; Girls' Generation
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