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She's Gone lyrics

She's Gone - Steel Heart

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Gởi: 03/03/2006 21:05
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She's Gone - Steel Heart

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Ca sĩ: Steel Heart

She's gone, out of my life,
I was wrong, I'm to blame,
I was so untrue
I can't live without her love
In my life there's just an empty space
All my dreams are lost, I'm wasting away
Forgive me girl
Lady won't you save me, my heart belongs to you
Lady can you forgive me for all I've done to you
Lady oh lady
She's gone, out of my life
Oh she's gone, I find it so hard to go on
I really miss that girl, my love
Come back into my arms, I'm so alone
I'm begging you, I'm down on my knees
Welcome to
Forgive me girl
Chorus - Oh lady
My heart belongs to you
Lady can you forgive me for all I've done to you
She's Gone - Steel Heart
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